Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Top 5 of the Frat Pack

"Death, you are my bitch lover"
Here are the finest five of them all.

5) Owen Wilson
Best known for his low-key performance and his improvisational skills, he probably has the biggest box-office hits of them all. He tried other stuff in the past, like Behind Enemy Lines and the remake of The Haunting, but it was quite obvious where he would end up. He 's Wes Anderson's right hand, and he's definitely a very talented script writer. Even so, I can't really understand why he's considered such a great comedian. All his roles are basically the same guy, except for the Anderson films. Always this nice guy with surfer hair and whispering his lines. You might say he's got chemistry with every guy he plays along with, but that goes for the whole Frat Pack. Zoolander, the Wedding Crashers, Starsky and Hutch,Meet the Parents, the Jackie Chan movies... It's as if he is handed a script and puts on the auto pilot. Luke Wilson would definitely be in his place, if only he had a few more hits. Anyway, it's sure that his success is based upon the rest of them, and I would like to see him hold his own for once.

4) Vince Vaugn
The same goes for Vince. He's just this huge fellow, saying his lines in light speed and giving a spoiled attitude in all his characters. The only movie he's really thrived in is Swingers. Then it's downhill until he meets the rest of the gang. Seriously mate, Norman Bates? The Cell? And then he hits it big with Old School and Dodgeball, and then he goes huge with Wedding Crashers. I can't say, most of them are hilarious, but definitely not thanks to his lame persona. At least he has proven his skills in the past, like the white-man-talking-black in Be Cool. Steve Carell would be in No 4, but he's got only one leading role, and that's in a non Frat Pack movie. I guess Vince's talentless personality will be exposed in time, but I understand why he's made it so far. It's sheer luck and nothing else, no wonder why he's sleeping with Jennifer.

3) Jack Black
Jack 's a comedian, no doubt about it. He's got all the qualities, a chubby figure, wacky attitude, trademark lines, stupid face, adjustable voice. Plus he's in the greatest band in the worldTM. His comedic genious was obvious from High Fidelity, a real scene-stealer. Although he hasn't got that many participations in Frat Pack movies, he is mainly connected with Ben Stiller. He's starred in a couple of less known and early frat pack movies, like Heat Vision and Jack, the Cable Guy and Orange County. And yes, Envy.Oh God, Envy. If only there was a spray for this piece of shit to dissapear. Anyway, he knows how to "ride the thunder", and he finally gets the comedic praise he deserves, with Nacho Libre and the highly anticipated Tenacious D in The Pick Of Destiny. He definitely earned the third place.

2) Ben Stiller
He is the link between all the Frat Pack members. He's not exactly versatile as an actor, but he has made more differentiated leading roles than any of the others. Moronic supermodel Derek Zoolander, goofy son-in-law Gaylord Focker or Reality Bites' dyslexic Michael Grates, he can write and direct just as well. He gets extra credit for his SNL presence. But his greatest role too is in a non frat pack movie. There's Something About Mary, the movie that actually established him in Hollywood, wouldn't be the same without him. He's currently America's funny man, the go-to guy if you want to make it big. And look where Owen Wilson and Vince Vaugn are now...

1) Will Ferrell
He's the greatest scene stealer there is. With not so many leading roles in his CV, who can forget his role in Wedding Crashers, or the belly-button lover in Starsky And Hutch, or the "Springtime for Hitler" Nazi writer in The Producers. Plus, he's got ace leading and supporting roles, be it Frank the Tank, the "Derelicte" designer Mugatu, or Ron Burgundy. He tried more serious comedy roles, but he didn't quite fit in, like Melinda And Melinda. His comedic genious was revealed in the world mainly with Elf and Talladega Nights, but he paved his road to stardom exclusively with Saturday Night Live. Two words, Alex Trebek. Plus, in every single interview, appearance or statement, he confirms his comedy qualities. He recently appeared in Megan Mullally's show wearing just briefs. He's the belly laughs in the Frat Pack movies, the real reason why their films are so successfull. Jim Carrey, make room, here come's Will.

The Frat Pack is the unofficial name for a group of actors who have appeared in numerous films together. These appearances are often in supporting or cameo roles, and the films share an absurdist sense of humor.The generally acknowledged members of the Frat Pack are Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, Owen and Luke Wilson, Jack Black, and Steve Carell.


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Duh, Ben stiller and Owen should be 1+2, they outdo all of the others.

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