Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Top 5 James Bond Could-Be's

"Shaken, not stirred"

Here are the finest five of them all.

5) Jason Isaacs
He's got a thing for bad guys, so some may say he would be more fitting as a villain. Nevertheless, he's got all the right qualities: a yet low profile, a respectful CV, Timothy Dalton's looks, amazing adaptability. The only obvious problem is that Jason doesn't have cash written all-over his forehead, so he wouldn't make a bankable James Bond, but still, he fits the profile.

4) Alec Baldwin
Alec is from New York, but let's just imagine that the actor's origin doesn't play a part. The nay-sayers claim he's too old, but at the age of 48 he's just two years older than Roger Moore, when he first took the part in Live and Let Die. He's the closest to Pierce Brosnan, from the clean-cut face and oddly perfect haircut to the chubby figure. At least he hasn't yet started balding like Sean Connery did.

3) Clive Owen
Macho attitude, deep voice and as British as they come, we shall soon discover if it's a shame he didn't get the part. Of course he already was famous when the casting occured, and the 007 franchise is known for bringing less-known actors to stardom. Clive is critically acclaimed, stunt-capable, plus The Croupier showed us he's made to wear a tux, so let's just hope he won't be old enough to fill in Craig's shoes.

2) Gerard Butler
If the producers wanted to cast an actor who could portray a dark James Bond, he would be the one. Although already in the franchise with a minor role (in Tomorrow Never Dies), I don't see why that's really a problem. Obviously this Scottish actor has no trouble with action sequences, and recently showed us a surprising side of his in Phantom Of The Opera. Once rumoured to land the part, he could be the next best thing after Brosnan.

1) Ralph Fiennes
Indeed, a sophisticated choice for the role of James Bond, this guy can actually act. He would add a certain status in the performance part of the franchise, and there's no doubt he could pull it off, since he's one of the most versatile actors there are. Once considered the 33th sexiest star in movie history by Empire Magazine, he wouldn't just be a fitting choice, he would be perfect for the role.

Sean Bean has already had a major role in the franchise, George Clooney's too American, let alone a superstar, Colin Firth looks like a mamma's boy, Heath Ledger is too young, Alan Rickman's too old, Colin Farrell's too punk, Ewan McGregor lacks in charm and Jude Law's too much of a wuss. Thomas Jane is too much of an action hero, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are too much of a superhero. Ioan Gruffudd's too lame and Dougray Scott is, well... too ugly. Eric Bana, Julian McMahon, Guy Pearce and Russel Crowe were strong contenders. And don't get me started on Hugh Grant...


kungfudaifu said...

excellent commentary. What are your thoughts on craig? And who is best of all time? I vote Lazenby>


da kungfu daifu

kungfudaifu said...

excellent write-up on potential Bonds. What are your thoughts on Craig. I still feel that Lazenby fit the part best.

mentwras said...

I think the producers could have made a better choice. I'll see the movie, probably tonight and I'll let you know...
As for the best Bond ever, I believe in time people will realise that Brosnan was, if not equal, better than Sean Connery ...
It's just that Connery's head is surrounded by a halo, and this doesn't give the rest enough room to prove their worth.

mentwras said...

Just seen it.
Well, no Q, no rocket-launching car, no laser-firing watch, no gadgets, no car chases, I have just seen a satisfying action movie where the main character's name just happens to be James Bond.

As for Daniel Craig, each time M called him James, the name just didn't fit with the face. He could be perfect as Ethan Hunt, but he lacks the charm and smoothness of 007. Teleia kai paula.

Anonymous said...

Ewan lacks charm?????